Content Warnings

Farm Hands is a serial, episodic story presented in 2 volumes, 14 episodes each. Each episode is available on Gumroad and Amazon Kindle, before later launching on Kindle Unlimited.

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Release date: october 15 2020

Volume 1 | Episode 1: Boarder

Ashley and Danny decide to take on a boarder, hoping the influx of rent will keep the farm from going under.

Release date: october 31 2020

Volume 1 | Episode 2: Bored

Dakota's boredom tugs on Danny's heartstrings until he takes her to college with him.

Release date: TBD

Volume 1 | Episode 3: instinct

Dakota fears she's ruined everything when she kisses Ashley.


Netflix would describe it as: 18+, Sexual Content, Swearing, Threat.

Content warnings (any that contain spoilers can be hovered over to reveal):

  • Discussion of dead parents
  • Poverty
  • Car accidents resulting in dead parents (off-screen)
  • Swearing (copious)
  • Some discussion of racism (one character is black, another latino). They live in the south
  • Dakota has a stalker who wants to kidnap her. The (horrendous) implications are clear
  • Talk of prior attempts at that kidnapping
  • Sexual content between F/F and F/M
  • (Optional Extras) Explicit Sexual Content (F/F/M)

Content WARNINGS by episode: 

Episode 1:

  • Mistaken identities (somewhat) (Ashley and Danny think Dakota is a child. She is not, she's an adult they're both attracted to.)
  • Arguments

Episode 1:

  • Threat
  • Stalking
  • Dakota spends a good chunk of the episode convinced her stalker has found her and is about to fuck her up.