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Author, Artist and Twitch Streamer

I'm a content creator who goes by the name of Jessica Nelson Hardy and the handle of sixstepsaway online! I'm passionate about streaming games and art, I love drawing and designing, and I'm a writer who enjoys writing queer and diverse fiction, usually in a speculative genre.

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New Arrivals

  • Streaming again!
  • Farm Hands Volume 1 Dropping Now! (2020 Q4)
  • Siren Radio (January 2020)

Trying to keep her dead parents' farm from going under, Ashley West takes on a rich and famous uptown boarder who is hiding from a stalker.


  1. Episode 1: Boarder
    (Amazon | GumroadGoodreads)

When I'm not writing or doing art, I can be found on Twitch, streaming video games... or my writing... or my art.

sixstepsaway - Twitch

I'm a writer, artist, freelance designer and editor and I am disabled. I love streaming games and art.